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Caring For Your Steinway

Your Steinway piano is a source of enjoyment and a investment. For all those reasons, it’s important to take proper care of it.


Choose wisely a location with the right atmospher conditions that will not into extreme temperature or humidity changes. Keeping piano away from windows, outside doors, fireplaces and heating or cooling vents.

If underfloor heating, then you can purchase a special carpet that helps isolate the piano from the worst of the effects. When not in use, make sure that the top of piano is closed to prevent dust collecting inside.


Ambient Conditions

All Steinway pianos are made of wood. Hence, it's highly sensitive to respond to changes in temperature and humidity. Severe changes in humidity and temperature can cause dimensional changes in the wooden parts of the piano and not only can affect piano’s performance but also its longevity.

It’s recommended to keep at a constant room temperature of 20˚C and humidity 45% and 70% for your Steinway piano.



To cleaning your piano, the keys are the most important part. Use a slightly moistened a natural leather cloth to clean the keys. Wipe gently and remember to apply minimum pressure as a lot will damage the internal strings.

The exterior of your Steinway piano is actually quite easy to keep clean. A clean piece of fine knit cloth, lightly dampened with plain water is the most convenient and safe method for removing dust and finger marks that occur during normal use and play.


Tunning, regulation, voicing, and repairs      

In order to make piano produce the best performance, make sure to piano regularly check with qualified professionals. The piano should be tuned at least 3 times in the first year after purchase to adapt to home environment, because it takes a year for tuning to settle.

Beside tunning, the action and keys should be serviced regularly. When parts do need replacing, however, it is essential that only original genuine Steinway parts are used.

You can check more information of servicing is in this page.



Remember the high value of your Steinway and only allow specialist carriers to transport your piano. Make sure that you have insurance coverage.

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