The Skyline Collection

Customizable to the Skyline that Captures Your Imagination

Steinway & Sons is proud to unveil the Skyline Collection, a Special Collections piano offering a unique view of any compelling skyline that captures your imagination.

The Manhattan

In just one example of the Skyline concept, the “Manhattan” pictured here features Ebony finish adorned with a 23-karat gold leaf mural around the entire case of the piano. Applied through a painstaking process of painting, brushing, and intricate etching, the gold-leaf imagery takes the viewer on a visual water tour around the island of Manhattan.


On the piano’s treble side, the tour begins near New York’s historic George Washington Bridge. The viewer then “sails” south along the island, taking in the iconic skyline and looping around the south end of the city to pay a visit to the Statue of Liberty. As the piano’s case curves around the signature Steinway soundboard, the viewer continues the water tour, now sailing up the East River and under the storied Brooklyn Bridge.


On the piano’s bass side, a magical transformation occurs, and the viewer is transported back in time to glimpse the historic Hell Gate train bridge, complete with a locomotive pulling Steinway train cars and transporting the world’s finest pianos from the Steinway factory to their new homes around the country.


The Manhattan Skyline is available in all Ebony and White STEINWAY grand piano sizes and is also available as a STEINWAY & SONS SPIRIO.

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